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  • date 2017-08-31 19:02:08
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  • 2017-09-04 14:53:17 0점
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    스팸글 The Kansas City Chiefs brought back C.J. Spiller a day after cutting the running back.
    NFL Network's Steve Wyche reported the Chiefs re-signed http://www.arizonacardinalsteamonline.com/patrick-peterson-jersey the veteran back and placed corner Steven Nelson on injured reserve after having core surgery Aug. 29. The team later confirmed the news.
    Nelson will likely be one of K.C.'s two IR-return options this season.
    Spiller returns to the Chiefs' backfield after compiling 46 yards on 11 rush attempts this preseason. He'll be a depth option behind rookie starter Kareem Hunt and backup Charcandrick West. Last season's starter Spencer Ware is out for the season after suffering a knee injury.
    The Chiefs losing Nelson, who started 15 games in 2016, for half the season is a blow. Not having their starting slot corner against the New England Patriots for the opener on Thursday is a hit to the team's depth. Phillip Gaines and Terrance Mitchell are options to start for K.C.
    Here are the most notable roster moves made on Sunday:
    1. The Titans have re-signed WR Eric Weems after releasing him Saturday and placed WR Harry Douglas on IR.
    2. After signing safety T.J. Ward, the Buccaneers traded J.J. Wilcox and a 2019 seventh-round pick to the Steelers for a 2018 sixth-round pick.
    3. The Packers have signed LB Ahmad Brooks, placed http://www.arizonacardinalsteamonline.com/dorian-johnson-jersey OL Don Barclay (foot) on IR, and traded LB Jayrone Elliott to the Cowboys in exchange for a conditional draft choice.
    4. The Broncos have re-signed tackle Kyle Peko to the active roster.
    The Washington Redskins placed second-year safety Su'a Cravens on the exempt/left squad list Sunday.
    Cravens has been dealing with a knee issue and has been contemplating retirement recently, NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported. Cravens is expected to miss at least the first month of the season.
    ESPN first reported Cravens had been pondering about retiring but had changed his mind after speaking with team officials.
    The knee issue is the latest in a string of injuries for the 22-year-old. The second-round pick suffered a concussion in the middle of his rookie year and a torn biceps late last year.
    Placing Cravens on the exempt/left squad list to start chandler jones jersey season allows him to take his time, get healthy, and decide if he wants to continue his playing career.
    "It's shocking, but it is what it is," safety D.J. Swearinger told Mike Jones of the Washington Post on Sunday. "He's got to handle what he needs to handle, whether it's mental, whether it's family. We're here to support him, but that's something tough. I'm not in those shoes so I can't speak on it. I'm praying for him and hope he'll be back."
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